better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' fa'kirk

Reserve & Youth Results

Scottish Reserve League
10*1911-1912Sat-Nov 04a3-2detail
12*1911-1912Sat-Nov 25H2-2detail
Scottish Reserve League (East)
21993-1994Tue-Sep 07H3-1detail
181993-1994Mon-Mar 14a4-1detail
Central League
14*1913-1914Sat-Dec 27H3-2detail
18*1913-1914Sat-Jan 31a0-2detail
Scottish Reserve League Cup
21999-2000Wed-Feb 02Brockville Park, FalkirkH3-1detail
Scottish League Under-19 Youth Division
102003-2004Sun-Nov 02H3-2detail
52004-2005Sun-Sep 26Forfar West Enda5-0detail
Scottish Under-19 Youth League Cup
S22004-2005Sun-Mar 27Little Kerse, GrangemouthH5-0detail
Scottish League Under-18 Youth Division
Scottish League Under-18 Youth Division B
91998-1999Wed-Dec 02a0-0detail
161998-1999Fri-Apr 02H2-1detail
Scottish League Under-18 Youth Division C
31999-2000Thu-Sep 23Station Park, Forfara3-0detail
91999-2000Thu-Feb 17Station Park, Forfara3-2detail
211999-2000Wed-May 03Brockville Park, FalkirkH1-0detail
Scottish Youth Cup
11990-1991Thu-Sep 27H4-4detail
11992-1993Mon-Sep 21a7-2detail

Summary of competitive results

Scottish Reserve League21105475.00%
Scottish Reserve League (East)220072100.00%
Central League21013450.00%
Scottish Reserve League Cup110031100.00%
Scottish League Under-19 Youth Division220082100.00%
Scottish Under-19 Youth League Cup110050100.00%
Scottish League Under-18 Youth Division220071100.00%
Scottish League Under-18 Youth Division B21102175.00%
Scottish League Under-18 Youth Division C330072100.00%
Scottish Youth Cup211011675.00%


* - Denotes that the match is versus Forfar Athletic's First team.

H - Denotes Falkirk Home Fixture

a - Denotes Falkirk Away Fixture