better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' fa'kirk

Reserve & Youth Results

2nd Falkirk

1Sat-Aug 282nd Vale of Bannock7-0detail
2Sat-Sep 04Gairdoch1-2detail
3Sat-Sep 182nd Camelon3-4detail
4Sat-Sep 25RANGERS SHIELDS XI3-1detail
5Sat-Oct 09Grangemouth1-3detail
6Sat-Oct 30Blackwood Rovers3-0detail
7Sat-Nov 06QUEEN'S PARK HAMPDEN XI1-7detail
8Sat-Nov 132nd Glasgow Thistle0-0detail
9Sat-Nov 27Third Lanark Cathkin XI3-0detail
10Sat-Dec 042ND ALLOA ATHLETIC2-4detail
11Sat-Dec 112ND EAST STIRLINGSHIRE2-0detail
12Sat-Jan 08GRANGEMOUTH2-1detail
13Sat-Jan 152nd Bo'ness2-2detail
14Sat-Feb 12DUNIPACE4-0detail
15Sat-Feb 192ND BO'NESS2-2detail
16Sat-Feb 262ND CAMELON4-1detail
17Sat-Mar 192nd East Stirlingshire0-1detail
18Sat-Mar 26Blackwood Rovers3-0detail
19Sat-Apr 022ND KING'S PARK4-0detail
20Sat-Apr 09Stenhousemuir2-0detail
21Sat-Apr 162nd Alloa Athletic2-1detail
22Sat-Apr 23Alva Volunteers2-2detail

3rd Falkirk

1Sat-Sep 04East Stirlingshire Northern XI2-2detail
2Sat-Oct 02FALKIRK ATHLETIC10-0detail
3Sat-Nov 13Vale of Devon0-1detail

Falkirk Brockville XI

1Sat-Oct 302nd Dunipace6-2detail
2Sat-Dec 042nd Laurieston1-0detail
3Sat-Jan 012nd Vale of Avon6-1detail
4Sat-Jan 222nd Marchmont7-1detail
5Thu-Apr 21East Stirlingshire Northern XI1-3detail