better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' fa'kirk

Reserve & Youth Results

Midland League
3*1908-1909Sat-Dec 12a1-3detail
9*1908-1909Wed-Apr 21H1-0detail
Central League
8*1912-1913Sat-Oct 12H1-4detail
8*1913-1914Sat-Nov 08a1-0detail
10*1913-1914Sat-Nov 29H1-2detail
7*1919-1920Sat-Oct 25a0-1detail
25*1919-1920Sat-May 01H0-1detail
3*1920-1921Wed-Aug 25H2-2detail
8*1920-1921Mon-Sep 13a0-3detail
Scottish Union
12*1907-1908Sat-Nov 16a2-1detail
16*1907-1908Sat-Dec 28H3-1detail
Scottish Second Eleven Cup
21893-1894Sat-Sep 30a2-2detail
2r1893-1894Sat-Oct 07H5-0detail
11895-1896Sat-Sep 07a1-5detail
7*1881-1882Sat-Apr 08H6-1detail
1*1882-1883Sat-Sep 23a0-1detail
9*1882-1883Sat-Mar 10H2-1detail
131886-1887Sat-Jan 15a2-2detail
151886-1887Sat-Feb 19H2-2detail
2*1905-1906Wed-Nov 29H2-3detail
1*1907-1908Thu-Aug 15H2-1detail

Summary of competitive results

Midland League21012350.00%
Central League711551321.43%
Scottish Union220052100.00%
Scottish Second Eleven Cup31118750.00%


* - Denotes that the match is versus Bo'ness' First team.

H - Denotes Falkirk Home Fixture

a - Denotes Falkirk Away Fixture