better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' fa'kirk

Reserve & Youth Results

2nd Falkirk

Scottish Second Eleven Cup
1Sat-Sep 072nd Bo'ness1-5detail
Stirlingshire Second Eleven Cup
12nd Kilsyth Wanderers-Walkdetail
sfSat-Dec 142ND STENHOUSEMUIR2-2detail
sfrSat-Feb 082ND STENHOUSEMUIR5-1detail
fSat-Mar 282nd Camelon4-2detail
1Sat-Aug 24Rising Star1-4detail
2Sat-Sep 28Tillicoultry Victoria0-4detail
3Sat-Oct 19Slamannan Swifts2-2detail
4Sat-Nov 09Gairdoch Juniors0-4detail
5Sat-Nov 16EXCELSIOR3-2detail
6Sat-Nov 302nd Camelon3-5detail
7Sat-Dec 07VALE OF GRANGE9-1detail
8Sat-Jan 11VALE OF FORTH4-0detail
9Sat-Feb 01Lenzie3-1detail
10Tue-Mar 312ND EAST STIRLINGSHIRE1-3detail