better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' fa'kirk

Reserve & Youth Results

Scottish Premier Reserve League
41986-1987Thu-Aug 28H2-1detail
131986-1987Thu-Oct 30a3-6detail
311986-1987Mon-Mar 30H2-2detail
Scottish Reserve League (West)
61984-1985Tue-Sep 25a1-4detail
151984-1985Mon-Dec 10H1-1detail
81988-1989Mon-Oct 03H1-0detail
221988-1989Mon-Apr 10a4-1detail
91989-1990Mon-Oct 09a1-2detail
211989-1990Mon-Feb 26H5-1detail
61990-1991Mon-Oct 15H1-2detail
171990-1991Thu-Feb 21a0-1detail
Scottish Reserve League (West) Part 1
71983-1984Tue-Oct 11a0-1detail
Scottish Reserve League (West) Part 2
71983-1984Tue-Apr 10H0-2detail
Scottish Second Eleven Cup
11987-1988Thu-Jan 21a3-1detail
Scottish Reserve League Cup
S31981-1982Sat-Oct 10H1-3detail
31985-1986Mon-Oct 14H2-1detail

Summary of competitive results

Scottish Premier Reserve League31117950.00%
Scottish Reserve League (West)8314141243.75%
Scottish Reserve League (West) Part 11001010.00%
Scottish Reserve League (West) Part 21001020.00%
Scottish Second Eleven Cup110031100.00%
Scottish Reserve League Cup21013450.00%


H - Denotes Falkirk Home Fixture

a - Denotes Falkirk Away Fixture