better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' fa'kirk


The information contained on this website has been collated from the following sources:


  • Andrew Hulett - Falkirk Results 1877-78 to 1969-70
  • Frank Hulett - Falkirk Teams and scorers 1946-47 to 1986-87
  • John Meffen - Falkirk FC Matches & Players 1877-78 to 1890-91
  • John Meffen - WWII Falkirk FC Players
  • John Meffen - WWII Reserve Match Details
  • John Meffen - Falkirk Teams and scorers 1877-78 to 1941-42
  • John Meffen - 1920-21 to 1938-39 Falkirk FC Players



  • "The Brockville Bairns Volumes 1-4" by Michael White
  • "11 Half Decent Footballers ..... and a Bus" by Michael White


  • "A Record of Pre-War Scottish League Players" by John Litster
  • "A Record of Post-War Scottish League Players - 1946/47 to 2007/08" by John Litster



  • Frank Hulett
  • Gordon McFarlane
  • Iain Innes & Malky Finlayson for aquiring programmes, tickets and other bits and bobs for me over the years.
  • Tom McGouran for helping to fill in a great many gaps in my Reserve Results.
  • David Love for lending me his scrapbooks from the late 60's and early 70's - very helpful.
  • Steve Bell and John Meffen for finding snippets of missing information for me.
  • Ranald Henderson for spotting a good number of errors on the site.
  • Peter Jack & Steven Jackson for acquiring programmes & teamsheets for me.
  • Michael White & Alan Brown from the Falkirk Football Heritage Trust for providing access to the Club Minute Books - check them out here