better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' fa'kirk

General Information

Ground Details

Brockville Park, Hope Street, Falkirk

Changes from previous season: Standing capacity reduced.

Total Ground Capacity: 11953

  • Main Stand 2661;
  • Standing 9292;

Pitch Dimensions: 110 yds × 71 yds

Head Groundsman: Jim Dawson

Club Personnel

Chair: George J Fulston.

Directors: Alexander D Moffat (until Nov '96), George J Fulston, David L Bayne (until Sep '96), Brian J Patterson (until Sep '96), James S Turnbull, Neil Binnie (from Aug '96), Campbell Christie (from Jan '97), James Johnston (from Jan '97), David Gordon (from Feb '97).

Manager: Eamonn Bannon (until Dec '96), Alex Totten (from Dec '96).