better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' fa'kirk

Reserve & Youth Results

Scottish Professional Reserve League
172018-2019Mon-May 06The Falkirk Stadium, FalkirkH1-3detail
Scottish Professional League Under-20 Division
102013-2014Tue-Oct 29Murray Park, Glasgowa0-5detail
292013-2014Fri-May 02The Falkirk Stadium, FalkirkH0-4detail
Scottish Professional Development League
152014-2015Mon-Dec 22The Falkirk Stadium, FalkirkH2-0detail
172014-2015Tue-Jan 20Murray Park, Glasgowa0-0detail
202015-2016Mon-Feb 08Murray Park, Glasgowa2-1detail
222015-2016Thu-Feb 18The Falkirk Stadium, FalkirkH1-4detail
12016-2017Tue-Aug 30The Falkirk Stadium, FalkirkH1-3detail
172016-2017Tue-Jan 10Forthbank Stadium, Stirlinga2-1detail
Scottish Youth Cup
qf2016-2017Sun-Jan 22Ibrox Park, Glasgowa1-5detail

Summary of competitive results

Scottish Professional Reserve League1001130.00%
Scottish Professional League Under-20 Division2002090.00%
Scottish Professional Development League63128958.33%
Scottish Youth Cup1001150.00%


H - Denotes Falkirk Home Fixture

a - Denotes Falkirk Away Fixture