better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' fa'kirk

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Bell's Scottish League First Division Match 21
DateSaturday 19th January 2002
VenueGayfield Park, Arbroath
Full-time score1-0
Half-time score1-0
Scorer (minutes)Steven Craig (37).
Team1Myles Hogarth
 2Andy Lawrie
 3Jamie McQuilken
 4Garry McStay
 5Lee Wilkie
 6Kevin Christie
 7Steven Craig
 8Mark Kerr
 9Lee Miller
 10Lee Mair
 11Ian Morris
Substitutes12Steven Rennie    (Unused)
 14Ricky Waddell    (Unused)
 15Andy Rodgers  replaced Ian Morris
 16Kenny Deuchar  replaced Lee Miller
 17Darren Hill    (Unused)
RefereeCharlie Richmond


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