better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' fa'kirk

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CIS Scottish League Cup Second Round
DateTuesday 22nd August 2006
VenueCentral Park, Cowdenbeath
Full-time score5-0
Half-time score1-0
Scorers (minutes)Liam Craig (36), Pedro Moutinho (51), Marc Twaddle (74), Pedro Moutinho (81), Mark Stewart (84).
Team1Scott Higgins
 5Jack Ross
 33Tom Scobbie
 15Kenny Milne
 20Darren Barr
 4Patrick Cregg
 26Liam Craig
 22Steven Thomson
 18Vitor Lima Santos
 10Russell Latapy
 7Pedro Moutinho
Substitutes23Marc Twaddle  replaced Tom Scobbie
 14Ryan McStay  replaced Vitor Lima Santos
 35Mark Stewart  replaced Patrick Cregg
 25Tiago Rodrigues    (Unused)
 17Jeroen Lambers    (Unused)
RefereeEddie Smith


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