better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' fa'kirk

Player Appearances & Goals

Anderson, William23520111020296
Bartram, Jimmy1517221014222125
Batchelor, Tom36320111010414
Burkinshaw, William600010000070
Calder, John13300110000144
Cole, T000000100010
Dougal, James2713201010203313
Gall, Willie31420100021365
Garland, Charles000000100010
Glen, James100000000010
Hamill, Hugh38520201120456
Hope, John13110110020172
Hutchinson, William200011000031
Hutchison, John35120200020411
Low, Alex36120101020421
Millar, David11600000000116
Morgan, Timothy15610120000178
Murray, Stephen17200101010202
Nisbet, James510000000051
Nisbet, Rab100010102050
Radcliffe, George400000000040
Richardson, John33020100000360
Robertson, Theodore300000000030
Thompson, James610010000071
Thomson, Charlie38020201020450
Townsley, Tom700010000080
Wilkinson, George200000000020


D1 - Scottish League Division One

SC - Scottish Cup

StC - Stirlingshire Cup

FIS - Falkirk and District Infirmary Shield

DunC - Dunedin Cup