better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' fa'kirk

Player Appearances & Goals

Anderson, William236202100277
Bartram, Jimmy24253400102829
Batchelor, Tom346311010397
Dougal, James112001000122
Grant, George278002100299
Hamill, Hugh380301010430
Hope, John214201000244
Hutchison, John301321000343
Low, Alex260302010320
McNair, James165102200197
Meechan, John197311110249
Murray, Andrew0000001010
Murray, Stephen231001010251
Nisbet, Rab280301000320
Peat, William102101011133
Richardson, John110001000120
Shankly, Bob345302110406
Strathie, James3000001040
Thomson, Charlie380302000430
Walker, William2100001031


D1 - Scottish League Division One

SC - Scottish Cup

StC - Stirlingshire Cup

FIS - Falkirk and District Infirmary Shield