better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' fa'kirk

Player Appearances & Goals

Anderson, George7100210092
Arnott, Andrew0000100010
Batchelor, Tom201001000211
Benson, James105001000115
Carruthers, Alex28182110003119
Corrance, Robert160001000170
Cowan, David5100000051
Dawson, Kenny38272222004231
Duffy, Richard111201000141
Fleming, William2000210041
Hamill, Hugh200000000200
Keyes, Bobby33242233123931
McGrogan, Felix0000001111
McKerrell, Daniel0000001010
McKie, Gilbert0000001010
Naismith, Matthew1000200030
Nisbet, Rab360202010410
Peat, Alex140200010170
Robertson, John170201000200
Robertson, Thomas0000100010
Shankly, Bob360202010410
Sharp, Alex284201010324
Smith, George210002000230
Sneddon, Willie3682032104210
Steel, James0000100010
Sutherland, George3000000030
Ure, George0000100010
White, Gibson5000000050
Young, Andrew316212010367


D1 - Scottish League Division One

SC - Scottish Cup

StC - Stirlingshire Cup

FIS - Falkirk and District Infirmary Shield