better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' fa'kirk

Player Appearances & Goals

Allan, Alex1000320042
Anderson, George1783310232314
Baxendale, Frank7211000083
Bolt, Bobby385431021459
Brown, William111202000151
Cant, James0000300030
Dawson, Kenny33214111204023
Duffy, Richard160403020250
Fleming, William0000460046
Huskie, John134105100195
Keyes, Bobby38304400274441
Macfarlane, Robert1000330043
Macpherson, Archibald301301000341
McGrogan, Felix7100210092
McKerrell, Daniel111001000121
McKie, Gilbert380404020480
McPhie, Jimmy1000600070
Naismith, Matthew0000300030
Nisbet, Rab301300020351
Peat, Alex340200020380
Rice, James1200330045
Shankly, Bob370400020430
Sharp, Alex330101020370
Sinclair, Robert101313121184
Telfer, Willie0000400040
Trotter, Thomas1000300040
Tulips, James71113000112
White, Gibson0000200020
Young, Andrew3000210051


D1 - Scottish League Division One

SC - Scottish Cup

StC - Stirlingshire Cup

FIS - Falkirk and District Infirmary Shield