better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' fa'kirk

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Match Facts

Scottish Professional League One Match 15
DateTuesday 6th April 2021
VenueExcelsior Stadium, Airdrie
Full-time score1-2
Half-time score1-1
Scorer (minutes)Charlie Telfer (35).
Team1Robbie Mutch
 2Scott Mercer
 3Paul Dixon
 4Ben Hall
 15Lewis Neilson
 14Morgaro Gomis
 21Charlie Telfer
 8Blair Alston
 24Kai Fotheringham
 9Aidan Keena
 38Callumn Morrison
Substitutes25Jay Cantley    (Unused)
 16Akeel Francis  replaced Scott Mercer (58 min)
 99Lee Miller  replaced Aidan Keena (76 min)
 18Conor Sammon  replaced Kai Fotheringham (76 min)
 19Euan Deveney    (Unused)
 20Aidan Laverty    (Unused)
 17Robbie Leitch    (Unused)
 72Kyle McClelland    (Unused)
 6Gary Miller    (Unused)
RefereeColin Steven

Match Notes

Match played behind closed doors


No programme issued