better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' falkirk


Part Three - Modern

Hearts 34-5By this time Football Programme collecting had started to take off and the number of enthusiasts was beginning to grow significantly. It was Falkirk's decision, a few years later, to hire an editor, who was also a programme dealer and hobbyist, which started the process which led to the club's programme moving on and catching up with other Scottish clubs at the time. This decision was taken specifically to allow this progress to be achieved. The introduction of various articles on history and playing staff gave us a precursor of what modern issues were about to become, and the programme once more could become a vehicle not only for communication between club and fan but also a money making concern.

All through the nineties the programme has maintained this new image, despite many changes in appearance, size, content and price. In order to compete with the onset of supporter's fanzines, the programme has adapted to allow individual comment whilst stressing the club's impartiality where appropriate, and with a team of statisticians, collectors and supporters all ready to make a contribution, allied to new printing and computer technology the programme has become a sophisticated item indeed.

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