better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' falkirk


Part Two - Fanzines

To my knowledge there have been 8 different Falkirk fanzines produced. Please get in touch if you know of any others.

Falkirk Unofficial Fanzine 20 issues Jan 1988 - Mar 1992
The Falkirk Unofficial Fanzine was brought out as an alternative to the then poor quality match programme. The fanzine was produced by John McNeil and ran for 20 issues between January 1988 and March 1992. The fanzine was one of the best in Scotland at the time and was best known for producing the thousands of balloons on show at East End Park on Hogmanay 1988 which procalaimed that the then Dunfermline Athletic manager, Jim Leishman, was "Scottish Football's No.1 Balloon". This fanzine also coined the well known unofficial club motto "Expect the Unexpected".
F.O.O.T.S.I.E Mouth 12 issues May 1989 - Jun 1990
The F.O.O.T.S.I.E Mouth was a fanzine style newsletter produced by Derek Jamieson of the Edinburgh Falkirk Supporters Club. The fanzine was intended as a source of news and information for Falkirk supporters who lived outwith the local area. There are 12 issues and they were published between May 1989 and June 1990. They are an excellent source of factual information on the matches played during this period.
Rupert's Roar 14 issues Jul 1992 - Apr 1996
Rupert's Roar began in July 1992 and continued in the same vein as the Falkirk Unofficial Fanzine. The cartoon strip and character of Rupert the Bairn were transferred from the FUF for the first few issues but the feature was scrapped due to threatended legal action by the Daily Express newspaper. Produced by Paul Hutton, there were 14 issues in total, the last of which came in April 1996. The fanzine continued on the world wide web until October 2000 and was known as Web Roar.
The Big Tissue 1 issue Mar 1996
There was a single edition fanzine produced in March 1996 called 'The Big Tissue'.
Falkirk Unofficial Roar 1 issue May 1997
The Falkirk Unofficial Fanzine and Rupert's Roar made a comeback for the 1997 Scottish Cup Final for a one-off special edition fanzine called the Falkirk Unofficial Roar.
It's a Sissgrace 2 issues May 1997 - Apr 1998
'It's a Sissgrace' was another shortlived attempt at a fanzine. This time two issues were produced. The first came in May 1997 for the Scottish Cup Final with the second coming in April 1998 for the Scottish Cup Semi-final versus Heart of Midlothian.
One F in Falkirk 21 issues Jul 1997 - Dec 2005
July 1997 saw the introduction of "One F in Falkirk". There have been 21 issues so far, the last one coming in December 2005. The fanzines were produced sporadically up to this point so we may not have seen the last of these. There is still a website for this fanzine at which is there primarily for its interactive fans forum.
The Brockville Spirit 7 issues Feb 2009 - Jul 2010
The Brockville Spirit was produced to promote a supporters' campaign to improve the atmopshere at The Falkirk Stadium. With the construction of the stadium's third stand complete, The Brockville Spirit's goal was to use the stand to encourage supporters to bring back some of the atmosphere experienced at the club's former ground Brockville Park.

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