better meddle...

wi' the de'il than the bairns o' falkirk

Falkirk Grounds

Part Three - Blinkbonny Park

Falkirk's third ground was Blinkbonny Park and the Bairns played here between 1881 and 1883. The exact location of the ground is somewhat of a mystery to me. Newspaper reports refer to the ground being in Mayfield which was in the South-West area of the town. One report also reports spectators viewing from the canal bank. The Blinkbonny Park of today (marked in green) could possibly be in view from the Forth and Clyde Canal bank. The main problem with this location is that it appears to be on a steep slope unsuitable for football. Mayfield House (in red) is about half a kilometre away so the pitch could conceivably have been on the flatter land in between. The road in blue is today Gartcows Road/Maggie Wood's Loan. It was on this park that Falkirk earned a draw against the then formidable Renton who would go on to earn the unofficial title of world champions.

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